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Everything you want, and then some

Sleek and modern outside, loaded with world-class technology inside, X Series™ hearing aids deliver the benefits you want and expect from Starkey.

Want to hear better in noise? X Series is specifically designed to improve speech understanding in noisy environments and make listening easier no matter where you are.

Want a hearing aid that no one else can see? X Series delivers — from SoundLens™, the world’s first custom, invisible* and completely digital hearing aid, to Xino™, one that hides virtually undetectable behind your ear.

Whether you’re searching for your first hearing aid, or are looking to upgrade to newer and better technology, X Series marks the solution that’s right for you.

X Series Features:

Technology Benefits
Voice iQ2 Designed to maintain speech understanding in noisy environments and reduce listening effort.
PureWave Feedback Eliminator Virtually eliminates buzzing and whistling.
InVision Directionality Enhances Voice iQ² by pinpointing sounds you want to hear and minimizing those you don’t.
Automatic Telephone Can detect when you are on the phone and adjust settings for optimal listening.
Music & Television Processing Automatically adjusts to the preset music and TV listening settings most comfortable for you.