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Artis Bassett Hearing Aids offers the amazing S Series iQ Hearing Aids by Starkey®.

S Series iQ Hearing Aids feature Drive Architecture™, which is Starkey’s state-of-the-art, integrated circuit platform. S Series has made unprecedented leaps in technology enhancements.

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Starkey was the first hearing aid manufacturer to virtually eliminate feedback. And now, with the introduction of S Series iQ, they’ve designed a solution to address the biggest problem hearing aid wearers have had to date – hearing comfortably in noise. S Series iQ significantly reduces listening effort in the most challenging listening situations.

S Series IQ – industry-leading features:

  • Hear conversations, not commotion. Starkey’s proprietary noise reduction and speech preservation system, Voice iQ, is designed to significantly reduce listening effort. So fast and smart, it can reduce noise between syllables and ensure you experience maximum comfort and the clearest speech possible even in the noisiest environments.
  • Hold a conversation anywhere. Chances are in quiet environments you can hear the voices in front of you, but have trouble in noisier surroundings. InVision Directionally filters out unwanted background noise. Combined with Voice iQ, it’s designed to preserve speech understanding in noise.
  • Say goodbye to feedback. One of the most common complaints from hearing aids wearers is the annoying whistling referred to as feedback. PureWave Feedback Eliminator is a solution to this problem, which is why it’s known as the best feedback management system in the industry.
  • Make simple adjustments with your phone. Starkey’s breakthrough T2 technology allows you to use your cell or touch-tone phone to conveniently and remotely switch modes or adjust volume on your S Series iQ without the need for additional hardware.
  • Control your hearing with the sweep of your finger. With Starkey’s Innovative Sweep™ Technology, small buttons and dials have been replaced with the industry’s first touch control surface. Now volume and memory adjustments on your behind-the-ear hearing aid can be made easily and discreetly with a simple sweep or touch of your finger.
  • Don’t sweat a little moisture. Thanks to Advanced HydraShield®, Starkey’s proprietary moisture protection system, no only is S Series iQ the most advanced and powerful hearing solution on the market, it’s also 100% resistant to water, humidity, perspiration and corrosion – both inside and out.

S Series iQ Hearing Aids offer breakthrough technologies at an affordable price. Don’t hesitate to stop by Preston Craft Hearing Aids or call us for more details. We’ll be happy to show you this and other top lines of hearing aids, all designed to fit your budget and lifestyle.