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Artis Bassett Hearing Aids also offers the new Wi Series by Starkey – the hearing aids designed to make listening easy and enjoyable. Wi Series’ advanced features are engineered to:

  • Reduce listening effort in noisy environments.
  • Improve listening to music and TV.
  • Help phone calls sound better.
  • Not whistle or buzz.
  • Fit comfortably, customized for your ear.

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Wi Series Hearing Aids feature Starkey’s latest noise reduction and speech preservation system, and virtually eliminates buzzing and whistling. It is designed to deliver incredible sound clarity even in the noisiest situations.

Wi Series can also stream sound directly from your TV, radio or computer to your hearing aids. Now you can hear your TV or radio at the volume you want directly through your hearing aids – while those around you can listen at the volume that’s most comfortable for them.

Wi Series Hearing Aids are engineered to deliver a better experience. Best of all, they’re affordable. Artis Bassett Hearing Aids offers the complete line of Wi Series Hearing Aids. We urge you to stop by or call us for more details.